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29 de May 2024



Morvalley originates from Quinta da Capela, which is located in the parish of Loureiro, Peso da Régua, Douro Demarcated Region.

The estate is old. Testimony to this is the inscription “ANNO 1772” on the entrance porch of the chapel that gives it its name, a heritage that we cherish. Every year, during the month of May (month of Mary) we celebrate the “novena” and, on the last day, we carry out the candlelight procession dedicated to Our Lady of Fátima.

It is traditions like this that we maintain with pride, as they are part of the history and character not only of our family, but of an entire people deep-rooted in their land. The obstinate people of the Douro.


A brand with altitude

Quinta da Capela has around 120 hectares, with properly cared for old vines and new vines that have been planted over the years. It is marked by granite soil and altitudes of up to 600m, which expose the vineyards to strong winds and an Atlantic-continental climate. Winters are very harsh and summers are relatively hot.


Wine in its pure state

In wine production, we take the same stance. We respect the tradition and know-how of our ancestors, an incalculable asset to which we add science. The result is an infallible formula, which gives rise to unique aromas, flavors, colors and textures.

Each year, the harvest is marked by a natural selection process, where we intervene with respect, according to the knowledge acquired over time. When the right time arrives and the vineyards are full of color and flavor, we harvest the grapes wisely, leaving them to ferment in schist and granite mills, to become intense wines.

The rest is pure pleasure poured into a glass, enjoyed at any time, without pretentiousness. Just wine, in its pure state.

The team

CEO – Creates, executes and observes

José Carlos Pinto

Leader, responsible for enology and viticulture and host of MorValley at Quinta da Capela. Throughout his professional mission, his main objective is to enhance the quality of the wines and the project with a focus on customers and the future generation.

CFO – Controls Finances Obsessively

Urânia Clemente

Her life is numbers and paperwork. For her, working at MorValley is a double pleasure, because she can do what she likes and drink good wine whenever she feels like it. Fortunately, this rarely happens.

COO – Controls and Organizes Operations

Bruno Ribeiro

He loves being in the winery, in the warehouse and among the vineyards. “Choose a job you like and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” This is not Bruno’s motto, but we thought a quote was ideal to complete this short text about him.

douro wines


douro wines



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